Liana Restorations, LLC

1961 - 1969 Lincoln Continental Specialist
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1961-1969 Lincoln Continental Specialist

Automotive Alchemy Since 1975

Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley lies Richard Liana’s restoration shop.  The location is just north of Roanoke and is minutes from the airport.  Liana Restorations specializes in 1961 though 1969 Lincoln Continental Restorations and produces award winning examples of show cars.  From a simple refresh to an all out concours restoration, Liana Restorations is well equipped to exceed your expectations.


The Story
Liana Restorations is a one man show owned and operated by Richard Liana.  He works on one car at a time, so you can be assured that you are receiving his full undivided attention.  Richard has over 25 years of experience working on these vehicles and his work is frequently recognized by the Lincoln community. 

Richard first got the Lincoln bug when his first car, a 1967 Continental, needed some help.  Over the course of a couple years, he painstakingly restored the vehicle to very high standards.  Important people from the Lincoln Community took note of his talent, and started to request his services.  After awhile, Richard was able to quit his corporate job and he started out restoring these fine vehicles in the garage of his home in Massachusetts.

He brings his work home with him; he has to!
Thirteen years ago Rich relocated to Virginia and built a dream shop from scratch with the sole intention of performing Lincoln restorations of the highest caliber.  The decision was to co-locate the shop with his residence so that Richard could dedicate his career to his customers.  The benefit of this is that your car is always steps away from Richard, even when he is not at work.

The three-bay workshop sits steps away from his home.  It is climate controlled, sparkling clean, and contains all the facilities needed to tackle your latest project.  Call Rich and stop by to see examples of what Lincoln & Continental Owners Club (LCOC) members envy at shows!

When Richard is not working on cars, he spends time with his wife, Joyce, and their dog, Geist.  Richard and Joyce are avid Harley riders and often take lengthy cross country trips on their his-and-hers scooters.  Richard enjoys anything you can put gas in: trucks, cars, tractors, you name it.  He often is found tinkering in the yard performing landscaping, gardening, and maintenance.  You will also find Richard and Joyce at most of the annual Lincoln LCOC meets.  Surprisingly, Richard does not have a Lincoln of his own at the current time… we are working on correcting that!