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1961 - 1969 Lincoln Continental Specialist
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What my customers say about my work

Don’t take my word for it
I thank my customers for handling all advertising of my services through word of mouth.  We do our best to exceed their already high expectations.

“Best of the best”
When it comes to details and you want your 1961-1969 Lincoln Continental to be the best, then you should talk with Rich Liana.  His knowledge of these cars is superior.  Rich Liana's work is correct perfection.  It is the best of the best, period.  I met Rich in 1982 at a LCOC show in Pennsylvania, and over the past thirty years have appreciated his integrity and craftsmanship.

- Chris Dunn, Lincoln Land,

“Show winning restorations”
I have known Rich Liana for a number of years now, and his show winning restorations are second to none. He knows classic Lincolns exceptionally well, and his meticulous attention to detail results in many first place awards. If it's authenticity you are
seeking, then Rich is the 'go to' guy for quality craftsmanship...

- John Cashman, "on site" Lincoln Electrical Repair,


“All recommendations led to Liana Restorations”
I am a methodical, detail-oriented, meticulous, perfectionist - and Rich makes ME look like a slob.  Yes, and that is precisely why I selected Liana Restorations to complete my 1962 convertible.  You know the type - he’s the kind of guy that has all the screws on his electrical outlets pointing in the same direction.  In fact, I was witness to him dropping a wrench on his shop floor and angrily yelling at himself because he thought it would chink the epoxy.  On a garage floor! 

I knew I was going to spend good money to build the perfect car and true to my nature, I agonized over who to select for this project.  I did my research.  I found out whose cars were winning shows.  I spoke with references.  All recommendations led to Liana Restorations.  So it goes without saying that I expected a perfect car.  What I did not expect was that I would make a friend in the process.  Richard (and his lovely wife, Joyce) played host to me on many occasions.  He welcomed me to stay at his home and have a hands-on experience in restoring the car.  Over the course of several months I visited Richard frequently and was able to take part in planning, disassembly, prepping, and reassembly. 

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to restore a car on my own.  But let’s face it – having the time, space, shop, and tools makes that almost impossible.  I always thought that paying an expert was the next best thing.  With Liana Restorations, I felt I was able to balance the dream of doing some of it myself under the supervision of one of the foremost experts on these fine vehicles.

- Steve Rauf, ’62 convertible, NJ

“He is fussier than myself, and I like that”
I remember it was 1992, I had just bought the car the year prior (I am the second owner) and called Baker's Auto for a recommendation for body work and paint.  I was in my 20's at the time and just starting out.  I didn't even have a garage yet to store the car in.  Ron Baker told me the best restorer was Rich Liana and he gave me Rich's number.  Rich was still living in New England at the time.  I called Rich, and he gave me an initial price (my blood pressure soared) and said he had a one and a half year waiting list just to get my car in. I liked what Rich had to say.  He wasn't pushy but confident.  Since the original color was metallic paint, I knew that any perfection in the body work would show.  I worked hard that next year and saved enough money to get the car done right.  I had seen a lot of bad body work on these slab bodies and wasn't going to waste my money on poor workmanship.  Rich documented each step and sent me pictures along the way.  He replaced half the body panels as I became obsessed with getting the car back in show quality.

I was so excited the day I flew up to pick up the car, it was stunning.  Everything was put back to original condition. Rich prides himself in authentication and workmanship.  He is more fussy than myself, and I like that.  I get lots of remarks about the car and I owe it all to Rich and his efforts.

Since then, I have gotten to know Rich and his wife.  I have had the car back up in Virginia once or twice for additional tweaks and a dent repair that no one in Atlanta could touch and another for a "Spa Weekend" at Liana Restorations.  We have met up at a number of LCOC meets over the years.  I even took a video crew to shoot Rich's garage for the DIY Channel.

- Rob Jameson, '66 convertible, Atlanta 

“Your car will be tended to like it is part of his soul”
Lincoln Parts International, LLC has known Richard Liana both on a business and personal level for over 20 years.  Rich is a great guy and very true to his word.  If anyone is interested in having the very best QUALITY and professional restoration done on their vehicle, this is the man to take your car to.  

Over the many years we having been supplying parts for our customers to either keep their Lincolns on the road or get them to First Place & Best of Show.  Along the way we have encountered countless never-ending "sad stories."  It breaks our heart every time a customer calls and is starting his project over... again!  All too often we hear: "the shop went out of business," "all my parts were lost or stolen," "I did everything I could do just to get my car back," court, police, angry spouse, the list goes on and on.  Rest at ease; Rich will book an appointment for your car, he will provide an accurate estimate for your needs, and provide a complete restoration of immense, mind-blowing quality. 

Your car will be tended to like it is part of his soul, and since Richard books appointments for restorations, it will be the only car with his full attention and dedication to its on-time completion. 

If you are not interested in living one of the sad stories mentioned above, give Rich a call.  It is our philosophy that restoration projects are to be enjoyed, treasured, and fun!  So make the right choice, and Liana Restoration will do the rest!

- Michael Weiner, Lincoln Parts International,

“The final product was even better than expected”
The whole experience in getting the 1966 Continental convertible restored, from initial estimate to final product, was a great experience.  The initial estimate was competitive and was met.  The final product was even better than expected.  At critical steps in the process Rich provided information regarding the progress of his work, discovery of additional items to be corrected, etc.  At mid-way point in the bodywork we went over an on-site review of work done and to be done.  The job was completed on schedule, within the budget and at its first showing took a First Place trophy in a national LCOC competition.  In the nearly fifteen years since then it has received trophy or awards in every competition entered.  It still looks as good as the day Rich Liana finished it.  I have recommended Rich Liana often and will continue to do so.

- Jonathan Liston, ’66 convertible

“Nothing short of amazing”
Rich has restored two Lincoln Convertibles for me. The first car was a red 1964 with a black interior which has won several Shaeffer trophies in LCOC competition. The second car he restored for me was a  black 1965 with a white interior. This car won the best of show, known as the Bell Trophy, at the LCOC Eastern meet in 2005. The passion that he has for bringing these cars to that level of excellence is nothing short of amazing. Working with him is very easy and he delivers what he promises. I very enthusiastically recommend him for those who want the very best.

- Jay Cook, ’64  convertible & '65 sedan

“It won first place in its first showing”
I was fortunate to meet Rich and his wife Joyce through my Lincoln Continental Owners Club membership and at several national meets. Rich quickly rose to the top of my list while doing a national search to restore my 1966 Emberglow Convertible. Instead I bought a gorgeous 1966 Burgundy Convertible directly from one of Rich’s clients that he had previously restored. Of note is that the car was exactly as Rich had described and looks as fantastic today as the day I took delivery. I bought the car and had it transported to Rich’s Troutville shop. He spent a few weeks on prepping it for the National LCOC Meet in Chicago where it won First Place and a Lincoln Trophy in its first showing. To me there is great value in knowing “what you have” in a restored Lincoln. I have visited Rich’s immaculate shop on many occasions and know his work first hand from watching those transformations and the longevity of my own restored Lincoln. Rich is a trusted Lincoln advisor and great friend that I give my highest professional recommendation! 

- John Raker, ’66 convertible

“The thing that differentiates Rich is the attention to detail that you will never see”
Rich restored my father's 1967 Continental sedan quite a few years ago and it's held up extremely well. The car was quite rusty when the project was started and I'm sure many people would have advised me to part the car out. The Lincoln was a family car since new, I learned how to drive on it and I really wanted to see the car brought back to "like new" condition. The restoration was extremely thorough and the thing that differentiates Rich is the attention to detail that you will never see. The internal sheetmetal that is covered by the outer fenders was pretty shot and there had to be extensive welding done. By the time the car was ready for the new outer panels it looked like the inner sheetmetal was original. Rich's philosophy is that even though his work may never see the light of day, he alone will know what lurks behind what is visible and his pride of workmanship does not allow him to take shortcuts even if no one but he will ever know. The Lincoln has won many awards and gets comments every time I drive it. The best part is that the price was reasonable given the amount of work that went into the car. The best of both worlds!

- Steve Adil, ’67 sedan